Dhumal opposes price hike in petroleum products, demands rollback

Shimla: Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal has opposed the stiff hike in petroleum products and demanded its immediate withdrawal.

The common man was yet to recover from the recent price hikes made by UPA government, yet a heavier jolt has again been given to them by hiking rates of petroleum products, he said.

Increasing LPG prices by Rs 50 per cylinder, kerosene by Rs 2 per liter and diesel by Rs 3 per liter has increased the financial burden on every citizen of the country.

Since 2004, when UPA came to power, prices of almost all essential commodities have been doubled during past seven years, pushing the common man into financial distress, he added.

An increase in LPG prices had impacted the domestic budget of every section of the society, hike in diesel prices would result in increase in transportation costs of essential commodities and increase in kerosene prices will hit the poor man hardest as it is a cooking fuel for the needy section of society.

At one end the government is reducing the state quota of kerosene and on top of it, the price hike is a double whammy, he said.

Demanding an immediate withdrawal of the prices forthwith the chief minister said otherwise the common man would be forced to adopt extreme modes of launching protests.

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