3 arrested for smuggling liquor

Shimla: Police on Wednesday arrested three persons, in two separate cases, and seized a truck and a multi utility vehicle for bootlegging a large quantity of country liquor and Indian made foreign liquor IMFL).

Assistant sub-inspector Kundan Lal in a Naka operation on Wednesday at Khel Chaura in Dhami area of Shimla district, hauled up a truck and recovered 760 boxes of country liquor and 12 boxes of IMFL from the vehicle.

Two person Mittar Dev and Paras Ram have been arrested with the illegal consignment, said a police spokesman.

In another incident, sub-inspector Yusuf Ali, out of a night patrol at 2.30 a.m. Wednesday stopped the multi utility Bolero Camper vehicle on a link road at Chailla, in Theog area of Shimla district.

On inspection 63 boxes of country liquor and 8 boxes of IMFL were recovered from the vehicle. One person Mangat Ram was arrest in the case.
In both cases, the accused have been booked under section 61-1-14 of the Excise Act, said the police spokesman.

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