High security number plates to get underway in Himachal

Shimla: Traffic police brow beaten by too many VIPs around moving with name plates instead of number plates pegged on the vehicles are to get teeth as the government moves to get uniform tamper proof security number plates installed.

The scheme being monitored by the Supreme Court and already implemented in Goa, Sikkim and Meghalaya, the government here is ready to put out notice for setting up facilities to provide high security registration number plate for vehicle owners in the state.

Transport secretary TG Negi says, “we are moving ahead to replace old vehicle number plates with tamper proof embossed number plates.”

The notice for inviting bids from companies having the technology to set up the facilities in the state would be floated soon.

“Within a year, norm of having the new security number plate would be mandatory for all new vehicles,” he said.

The older vehicles would be given a two year time to replace at their own cost the old plates for the new one.

Besides the mandatory front and back plates the new security number would also put on the body of the vehicle.

Law secretary AC Dogra says, “these number plates would help to contain crime such as vehicle theft because one will not be able to change number plates.”

Negi adds, by restricting the outlets for getting a number plate or replacing a damaged one will automatically reduce chances of using fake number plates to steal vehicles or for other crime purposes.

As summer picks up number of vehicles flaunting designations inscribed onto their number plates grows substantially.

Under intense pressure to clear the congested roads in the hill capital when a VIP moving around, a traffic controlling officer not wanting to be named said, “removing nameplate number plates is difficult as there are many law enforcers who themselves are violating the law.”

“Though the law does not permit anything to be written on the number plate but it is flouted with impunity,” Susheel, an activist points out.

Hope the new number plates render traffic laws more just and equitable for the common man, he adds.

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