Hail damages apple crop in Jubbal, Rohru valleys

Shimla: Anti hail guns proved ineffective in dismembering threatening cumulonimbus cloud covers and apple orchards across many villages of Jubbal, and Rohru were pounded with hail, in a late afternoon storm today.

Some of the hardest hit villages were Batargalu Naliban, Baddhal, Raika, Dhar and Poata villages of Jubbal. Orchard plantations in Astanai, Nawar and Chirgaon valleys of Rohru have also reportedly suffered extensive damage.

Installed under a pilot project, three anti hail guns installed in the area are reported to have fired cannon shots of ionizing shock waves in the air to disrupt damaging cloud formations but that is said to not having proved effective today.

Orchard owners at Katasu village in Jubbal, located within 200 meters of the anti hail gun on a ridge at Batagalu, are reported to have suffered hail damages.

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