Financial protests spread across the globe

Moscow:  At least 70 people, including police, were injured in Rome as protests turned violent during demonstrations against global financial policies, the Italian media said Saturday.

The demonstration in Rome gathered a thick crowd of 100,000 people Saturday afternoon. This is when thousands of people across the world took to the streets in solidarity with the month-long Occupy The Wall Street action in New York against what they called “the financial terrorism” of the authorities.

Protesters convened in Germany, London, China, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Brussels, Portugal, Greece, Israel and Croatia.

New York protesters said Saturday would be a day of international solidarity against what they called the greed and corruption of the one percent of the world’s wealthy people.

Deutsche Welle said 5,000 people gathered near the European Central Bank in Frankfurt-am-Main carrying slogans “You Are Wasting Our Future” and “You Are Speculating With Our Lives”.

The action is joined by the international anti-globalist organisation Attac and the Occupy Frankfurt organisation. The protests are peaceful, an organiser said. A similar demonstration took place in Cologne, with 1,500 people attending.

In all, demonstrations involved 50 German cities and towns, Deutsche Welle said.

In London, at least a thousand people of various age gathered in the City where the London Stock Exchange (LSE) is located.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addressed the protesters from the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral after the police blocked access to the LSE.


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