Intergrated Mountain Development Should be Focus of IIT Mandi – Dhumal

Shimla: Spelling out the vision for IIT Mandi, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal let the top administration of the new institute know on Friday that besides development of green energy technologies (solar, hydro, geothermal and bio-mass), over the next five years focus should be on integrated mountain development, construction of roads and railways, disaster management, agricultural and food processing technologies.

The chief minister let director IIT Mandi, Timothy A Gonsalves and special duty, administration S Samuel know that it was a dream project to realise the objective of making Himachal Pradesh a hub of world class vocational education.

In times to come IIT Mandi along with NIFT Kangra, ESI Medical College Mandi and Central University Kangra would play a pivotal role in realizing our dream, he said.

The state had been prompt in identifying suitable land at Kamand near Mandi, which satisfied the visiting central team and a fully equipped IIT campus was coming up speedily.

IIT Classes had already been started at Government Degree College Mandi and additional accommodation had also been provided, he added.
To improve accessibility, the state was pursuing with the central government for upgrading of Bhuntar airport and equipping it with night landing facilities, said Dhumal.

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  1. says: Devinder K. Sharma

    In the first place, let us know if IIT Mandi has a vision document with specific reference to Himachal Pradesh. Without such a blueprint, focussing on the issue of integrated mountain developmentcan not be internalised. IITs are centres of excellence in education and not on the issues of regional or spatial development with respect to their locations. Also, the vocational education is the mandate of polytechnics and ITIs which are entirely in the control of the State Governments.

    1. says: Avnish Katoch

      Seems HP govt is using every possible medium to gain publicity rather building a strong plan for future growth.

  2. says: Rajneesh

    Politics is a serious Comedy, Really !!!

    One question from our CM,

    Sir where and how Himachal Government has implemented it first ? Your declarations are like building sand castles in AIR….90% of your MLA’s might not even be knowing the meaning of “Intergrated Mountain Development” …Take a challenge..if by morning they are all questioned about this subject they will see each others faces…

    All political declarations look like coming from UNO headquarters… as if every one in HIMACHAL will pack bags and follow political statements… the reality of these issues — BIG ZERO….Himachal has just publicity stunts in HIMACHAL’s Fate…

    IIT should focus on “Intergrated Mountain Development” seems like a joke..IIT pass students/ pass outs are keen to do their research get their degrees done and find careers or jobs in one cares for “Intergrated Mountain Development”…its fact no one can deny !

    I would like to ask our CM as please let us know where “Intergrated Mountain Development” has happened in HIMACHAL? At least we should know it? Is it hidden ? or kept secretly somewhere ? a top secret ? “Intergrated Mountain Development” or “Eco tourism” or “Paryavaran” all seem like a “Alladin Chirags” everyone talking about…but no one knows where actually they are !

    “Intergrated Mountain Development” — Crafted Specially For Innocent Mountain People, Who have no idea what actually it is…but still… they should believe in it… follow it and make good use of it…lols

    1. says: sachin parmar

      1st of all i vanna apreciate 2 megesty Dhumal sir 4 mentoring creative ideas..
      bt 1 thng dat i lyk frm rajneesh article dat himachals moneyminded politicians…..even they don’t know what da heck is “integrated mountain devlopment”?
      this will not lead himachal in growth up…..
      the main reson behind the himachali students to go across other states i.e. in punjab is bcoz himachal can only give us outregious sites & heavens feeling bt not money to be rich……thats all sir…..

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