Giu: The Mummy Village of Himachal, To Be Relocated – Dhumal

Shimla: The mummy village of Giu in Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh is to be relocated as a major portion of it was washed away by floods in 2010.

Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal let a delegation led by Ram Lal Markanda MLA from Lahaul Spiti and consisting of Lobzang Bodh, Chhering Bodh, Ashok Kumar (Panchayat Pradhan Giu) and Targe know that suitable land had been located in Scheleche close to Hurling on the Pooh-Kaza Highway for resettling the inhabitants of Giu village.

Dhumal let the delegates know that the state was concerned about the safety and proper rehabilitation of Giu resident. He said that since the village was on the international border of the country, all its residents would be rehabilitated suitably at a safer place.

The high altitude village along the Parechu stream had shot into prominence in the 1980’s when villagers stumbled upon mummified remains of a human, which the locals began to revere as that of dead Lama.

Locals held that the nails and hair of the rather well preserved mummy in the rarefied zone were growing till recent years.
Relocating the entire village would also need to settle the issue of relocating the mummy, over which a canopy temple has been constructed.

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