Credent Organics entry into Himachal organic farming

Shimla: Mumbai based agri-biotech group Credent Organics today announced its foray into Himachal Pradesh’s horticulture and agriculture market by promoting organic farming in a big way in the hill state.

To start with the company is targetting the state’s apple belt which mostly falls in Shimla district.

Experts and farmers say apple orchards in the state are already suffering due to heavy use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in the last few decades.

Credent Organics has already set up farm development centres for every five villages run by Farm Advicers who will educate farmers about the benefits and organic farming and also supply them organic products.

“We have already opened 50 farm development centres(FDC) in the state,mostly in Shimla district,” Rajan Balighate,Director Credent Organics told MH.

FDCs not only help farmers to create a sense of awareness about organic farming but also provide organic seeds,organic fertilisers and organic pesticides.

The technical representatives of FDCs will also train farmers about natural ways to improve the soil and crop resistance.

“We welcome the policy of the Himachal government to promote organic farming in the state,particularly the announcement of Rs 350 crore for the promotion organic farming in the state,” said Balighate.

He appreciated the announcing of the crop diversification project,apple rejuvination project and the setting up of an organic certification agency in the state budget speech earlier this month.

Credent has 16 branches across the country and has recently been invited by government of Ghana to start their operations in this African country.

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