Congress, CPI(M) question policy of opening many professional colleges

Demand jobs for striking dentists

Shimla: Showing solidarity with striking dental doctors, congress and CPI(M) have questioned the government’s policy of permitting opening up of many private professional colleges, when job prospects remain bleak.

Congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore asks, “why are private institutions being opened indiscriminately if jobs cannot be provided for?”

Member state secretariat CPI(M) Tikender Panwar claimed that no dental doctor from the last 4 batches from the government dental college Shimla had got government employment.

“While the government is pandering to commercial interests by permitting opening of private medical colleges, it is turning insensitive towards providing jobs for these qualified professionals.” said Panwar.

Both parties have asked for creating openings at primary and community health centers for dentists.

For a government that has announced to put a smile back on senior citizens by providing free dentures for them, it is ironic that there are no positions for dentists in the countryside to deliver upon the government scheme,” says Panwar.

With the state government failing to assure trainee dental doctors of government dental college, Shimla of any job prospects, the dentists struck work on Saturday and even took to polishing shoes to highlight their plight.

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  1. says: Vishal Sadyal

    Privatising Medical and Dental studies is another thing which we don’t want in our State .Unlike Punjab where they have enough Dollar and Pound stashed accounts we Himachali’s can’t afford expensive medical bills.
    At this pace it wont be Long when people start paying crore for MBBS/BDS and multiple of that for PG.
    And commercially it is not viable to be PG Doctor (2Crores) who can’t recover his investment in another 20 Years.
    We need Doctors who does it for the sake of affection for the job not as a badge on the jacket.
    And Places like Bojia College in Baddi is paying its Doctors somewhere around 10 thousand but charging atrocious some as fees.
    Government should come out with figures that how many doctors do we have per thousand person now and 10 years back.

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