Himachal Police Look For IPS Officer In Graft Case

Shimla: With vigilance officials having stumbled upon substantial evidence against KK Indoria, an IPS officer who had earlier been posted as SP of Kullu, about having received payments through a conduit in lieu of police protection money from private power producing companies in the valley, investigators are said to be on the lookout for him.

Without naming anyone, ADGP vigilance KC Sadyal when contacted said, “we are trying to trace the whereabouts of a police officer, against whom some evidence about having received illegal payments has surfaced.”

Sources said that the police officer investigators were looking for questioning was KK Indoria, who was said to have proceeded on medical leave and was trying to obtain an anticipatory bail. One of the payments allegedly having been traced to the police officer is said to be over Rs 5 lakhs.

Meanwhile, Ramesh Chand Volgha, a businessman who was picked up by investigators at Kullu for having received payments from power generation companies and routed to several people including the police officer under the scanner, was sent to judicial remand today after having remained in police remand for a week.

Kullu district attorney Narain Singh Verma said “Ramesh Chand was produced in court today and was sent to a 14 day judicial remand.” The prosecutor said that no extension of police remand was sought.

Sources revealed that Ramesh Chand had acted as a front for collecting payments from the private companies executing hydropower projects in Kullu valley and routed them into a Damtal in Kangra based stone crusher named Nam Dev Stone crusher.

Meanwhile, a general manager of a private company who is said to have made the payment is also under investigation but has not been arrested.

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