Himachal Gives Clean Chit To Karmapa Lama

Some two weeks after unacounted money to the tune of Rs 9 crore including foreign currency was discovered at the Karmapa lama’s monastery in Dharamsala the Himachal Pradesh government said Friday that the Tibetan spiritual leader was completely innocent in this matter.

“We have ruled out the involvement of the Karmapa lama in all the alleged benami transactions of land and money laundering by Tibetans in Dharamsala,” said Rajwant Sandhu, the state chief secretary said emphatically defending the Tibetan spiritual leader.

“A religious leader like him cannot be involved in such illegal property deals.Besides the Karmapa has himself denied his involvement in such deals,” Sandhu told reporters here.

“But there is no denying the fact that heavy cash movement was taking place into Dharamsala from Delhi’s Majnu ka tilla(a Tibetan settlement in Delhi),” she said.

Asked what the state government was doing regarding the illegal deals she said, “The law of the land  applies equally to both Tibetans and locals and investigations are going on in this matter.”

Asked if the state government had been asked to go slow by New Delhi on the Karmapa issue, Sandhu said, “We have received no such communication from the Central government.”

The Karmapa has been living in Dharmasala since 2000 after he fled Tibet as a teenager.

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  1. says: Brad

    This whole fabricated episode is dramatised by the some crook Indian politicians and rogue journalists at the behest of real chinese agent called Sharmapa Lama. These thugs hatched this henious plot to create mistrust and trouble between indian government and karmapa, and to hurt the sentiment of millions of karmapas followers all over the world. If this irresponsible and irrational accusation of labeling highly revered spiritual leader Karmapa being a Chinese spy based on sourceless rumour and propagated by unprofessional Indian journalist is not handled with proper care and indepth analysis, the outcome would be devastating nightmare for both Tibetan refugees living in India and espicially to the core interest of Indian security and it territorial integrity.

    1. says: Rajneesh

      Perhaps the opposite may be the case. What about the crores of unaccounted funds, Chinese currency recovered and heading the same trust by KARMAPA?

      Giving clean chit may simply mean gang of thugs also part of whole episode giving undue advantages to benami land deals under the nose of government. Indian politicians have a track of broking national resources, arms deals, contracts, and everything…this may be the latest Addition !

      May be bigger plots comes later when we realise its too late to act ! Let rules ruin, let everyone loot ..Politicians are brokers, nothing else and nothing more can be expected from these people !

  2. says: ABCD

    Please look into how much Shamarpa Lama has paid government officials and newspaper writers to do this bidding.

    Also, His Karmapa candiate Thaye Dorje is going to HK in a few days – how does he get to enter HK w/o Chinese communist party approval? He also have millions of Chinese RMB in Chinese banks. How come he’s not being investigated as possible Chinese agent?

  3. says: hookknife

    “A religious leader like him cannot be involved in such illegal property deals.Besides the Karmapa has himself denied his involvement in such deals,” Sandhu told reporters here.

    This is the logic of fanatic devotees, not a goverment official. – So Sandhu is saying that the Karmapa can’t be guilty of anything, because he is a religious leader, and because he, the Karmapa has denied all involvement?

    So all religious leaders are give a clean chit whatever they do, because they are religious leaders and because they, themselves deny any responsibility. That is basically what he is saying and it is frightening to anyone who knows the history and dangers of combining state and religious authority.

    That is very scary logic and sets a precedent that is very dangerous, particularly giving the issues of national security.. What kind of message is that sending to other religious leaders? They can do what they want because India sees religious leaders as above the law?

    This is a political decision based on factors of pressure internationally, fear of more mass demostrations by fanatical devotees, who are demonstrating that the law doesn’t matter for their “living god.” This is insanity, and the Indian government should not be making decisions based on this kind of irrational thinking and giving a “pass” to a dubious religious leader regarding serious issues of corruption and national security.

    Personally, I feel that the Himachal goverment is being pressured by self-interest groups , to stop the investigation, This is the “real corruption” of the situation. And the world is watching this. Can India really be a democracy with a rule of law,if they still give in to irrational forces, and I am sure the big investors poised at the gate to invest in India, will be hesitant if India is still “enthralled” by irrational forces.

    There is Chinese money all over all these Karme Kagyus now. Just google a search of all the the lamas under this Karmapa and they are all over Chinese speaking territory because that’s where the millionaires are now. They always go where the money is. This sect has obviously accepted that China is now the motherland and where the money is, in order to keep their monastery empire building continuing. “Living Buddha” is not what tibetan buddhists call lamas, by the way (although that is how they see themselves) but is code for “cooperative with the motherland of China” when Chinese officials call a lama a “living buddha”, it means accepting China as their country and motherland.

    These are the very reasons that the U.S. passionately and persistently defends the separation of Church and State. Giving a religious leader this kind of pass is going to send a very bad message to India, and to the world.

    I hope that the Himachal government can be an example for all of India, that they will pursue justice, where ever it takes them, and will not give in to the pressures of the agendas of the central government or fanatical devotees, and those that defend them.

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