Sirmaur Royal property dispute settled

Shimla: At the best of High Court here, the erstwhile royal family of Sirmaur decided to amicably settle a 23 year old property dispute, putting to an end a long series of litigation pending before the high court’s of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

The dispute pertained to the estate of Amar Parkash, the former Maharaja of the princely state of Sirmaur who died in 1933. By the rule of primogeniture and impartibility of estate, his eldest son Maharaja Rajendra Prakash succeeded him.

British paramountancy lapsed after the Independence of India in 1947 and with accession of Sirmaur State into the dominion, properties held by Maharaja Rajendra Prakash as a ruler were divided into two categories as state properties and private properties.

Maharaja Rajendra Prakash became absolute owner of the private properties vested in him as ruler of Sirmour State as recognized by the President of India under Article 363 of the Constitution of India.

Maharaja Rajendra Prakash died in 1964, after which his properties devolved upon his heirs who were, his mother Rajmata Mandalsa Devi, his wives Maharani Durga Devi and Maharani Indira Devi and daughters Raj Kumari Nalini Devi and Maharani Padmini Devi of Jaipur.

With Rajmata Mandalsa Devi, Maharani Durga Devi, Maharani Indira Devi and Raj Kumari Nalini Devi having died ,the agricultural properties of Maharaja Rajendra Prakash falling in Uttarakhand have already been divided between Maharani Padmini Devi and Maharaj Kumar Udai Prakash, who is an adopted son of Maharani Durga Devi thorough a compromise.

A suit was filed before the High Court in 1987 and since then was taken up for consideration from time to time. The matter was sought to be resolved through mediation, however, all parties did not agree.

While this case has been disposed of as not maintainable by Justice VK Sharma, a compromise was arrived at between the parties in another connected suit involving the properties of Maharaja Rajendra Prakash and Maharani Prem Lata Devi, sister of Maharaja Rajendra Prakash.

This has put an end to several litigations pending in various Courts in Himachal Pradesh as well as in Uttarakhand.

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