Non congress, non BJP representatives elected in over 50% Panchayats in Himachal – CPI(M)

Shimla: Sounding out emergence of a third front in the just concluded poll to civic and rural local bodies, Communist Party of India (Marxists) said that analysis of the results showed that over 50% of the winners were not aligned to BJP or Congress, the major parties in the states polity.

Unlike the two mainstream parties, which have laid claim to overwhelmingly winning the election to Panchayati institutions, Tikender Panwar, CPI(M) spokesman said that their party had made a significant gain by winning 15 zila parishad seats, 25 block panchayat member seats and 75 positions of panchayat presidents and vice-presidents in the recently concluded rural bodies election.

He said, “not just has the party got tremendous support but a majority of the panchayats have elected non Congress, non BJP representatives.”

In fact, he added, CPI(M) had emerged to hold the balance of power in some of the block samithis and zila parishads, where indirect elections for electing the chairman and vice-chairman of these second and third tier panchayati institutions was yet to be held.

Demanding holding of the rural poll along party lines, Kuldeep Tanwar, CPI(M) state secretariat member said, “to bring about transparency in the poll process and root out grass root corruption by snapping the nexus between elected panchayat functionary and contractor, the Panchayat elections need to be contested on party lines.”

He said that the rural voters had rejected candidates supported by both congress and BJP, where government policies were not in tune with livelihood issues of the residents.

Talking about the crisis that agriculture faces because of monkey menace, Tanwar claimed that many members of Kheti Bacchao Sangarsh Samiti, who are in the forefront of a campaign for protecting crops from marauding simians, had won in the elections.

He said that likewise supporters of both major parties had lost out in Chamba where the residents were up against hydel power companies, in Karsog where the villagers were opposing a cement plant, in Renuka where the people were opposing the setting up a dam and in Kinnaur where the natives were opposed to setting up of large hydropower projects.

The party had demanded that more powers and funds than the employment guarantee scheme needed to be devolved to local bodies.

Ridiculing congress and BJP about making exaggerated claims of their victory Panwar said that ruling BJP tried all its maneuvers but could not help the erosion of its vote share.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    Mr.Tikender – One question — What about your rally that was supposed for the cause of Upper Shimla residnts for poor roads? Have you forgotten that? We would like to hear your excuse on that forgotten declaration…Or you will again come up in next Apple Season with new Blaming Packages.

    And regarding voters in HP and their mandate, people have no choice, either they choose in between stale fruit or a rotten one..third one is not even ripe enough to be digested. CPI keeps crying false for workers , in industries and in Hydro projects…but keeps sleeping for issues of thousands of weavers who have been cheated by Fraud NGO’s working in Himachal. CPI should show some concern for this suffering cmmunity as well and source the number of frauds happened in the name of weavers in entire state.

    Mr. Tikender, i would request you to reply through this blog, would appreciate that..I would like to see how much concern CPI has for other sections of society who are openly looted by fruad oganisations…

  2. says: Ganesh


    I do not understand onething. I am following your comments very regularly. You keep on saying CPI instead of CPI(M). What is the point that? What are you trying to say..??

  3. says: Rajneesh

    Human error, CPI (M)

    Regarding your question, ” What are you trying to say..??”

    I just want to say that “Gone are the days to fool public with oratory skills and intellectualism, no one is amused. Our leaders must “unlearn the process of public cheating and playing with sentiments”

    1. says: Rajneesh

      Mr. Ganesh,

      Substitutes or alternatives will not work well unless the system of organised loot and corruption remains unchecked. All politicians & corrupt bureaucrats in India aim to make problems so complex that they reach the point of “no solution for ever”. They have poisoned and fragmented whole social fabric of nation so badly that it isn’t repairable by any new political party or alternative leaders. We have been used to pruning leaves and ignoring roots that have been diseased badly.

      These monsters (corrupt politicians and bureaucrats) have created rubber dolls in the name of laws, judiciary, rules and regulations…bend & squeeze them for own comforts and aims…Unless an accountability of actions/failures in not imposed on these people, they will continue to play with public sentiments and remain parasites on national wealth and resources. Indian public has tried many parties and all have failed utterly . . . just choosing different band of thugs with different labels and attire will not work. Where do we have a choice?

      There is not much difference between Pimps and a modern day corrupt politicians…both are brokers in their profession, the first ones make deals for helpless women… and the later ones…the white collared nationalist saints…make sophisticated brokerage for trading national resources of motherland. And we keep expecting paradise from these parasites..lols

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