Himachal police busts gambling dens

Shimla: Acting on a tip –off police here raided two houses in the city suburbs and arrested 26 gamblers at the game, while 3 persons taking advantage of the darkness managed to escape.

Leading one team, inspector Shakuntla Devi, SHO Sadar raided the house of one Narayan Singh at nearby villge of Rangyan, last night, and found 18 persons gambling. An amount of Rs 50,300 and three packs of cards was seized from the spot.

All the persons involved in the game were arrested under the Gambling Act, said Shakuntla.

Those arrested were Ashok Kumar S/O Gian Singh R/O Lama Villa, Upper Kaithu; Naveen Kumar S/O Ramji Dass VPO Mashobra; Sanjeev S/O Dina Nath R/O Kelti; Raj Kumar S./O Sant Singh R/O Mashobra; Ramesh Chand S/O Ganga Ram, R/O Baghi – Tehsil Chopal; Raj Kumar S/O Atwari Lal R/O Satya Niwas Dhalli; Subhash S/O Inder Singh R/O Rangyan; Khem Chand S/O Narain Dass R/O Manjari; Vinod Kumar S/O Mohan Singh R/O Charoli, Chopal; Ajay Kumar S/O Ashok Kumar R/O Kufta Dhar; Mohd. Naseer, S/O Anwar Ul Haq, R/O Idgah Colony Lakkar Bazar; Dharmendar S/O Gopal Singh R/O Shanad, Kumarsain; Rajesh Kumar S/O Chet Ram R/O Damarhi, Kumarsain; Naresh Kumar S/O Narain Dass R/O Mashobra; Roshan Lal S/O Hukam Chand R/O Jndal Basantpur; Yashwant S/O Jia Lal R/O Jagtan, Jubbal; Prem Chand S/O Narain Chand R/O Kotlu, Karsog and Vijay Singh S/O Uma Dutt R/O Kathasu, Jubbal.

Another team led by sub-inspector Kamal Chand, last night raided a house at the touristic spot of Naldehra, where 8 persons were nabbed gambling. Taking cover in the darkness, 3 persons managed to get away. The police after arresting the gamblers recovered Rs 24,200 from the spot, said a police spokesman.

Those arrested in the raid included Naresh Kumar S/O Gita Ram R/O Fagu, Theog; Bhisham Kumar S/O Prem Lal VPO Suni; Anil S/O Amba Dutt VPO Suni; Bodh Raj S/O Vidya Dutt VPO Shakra, Tehsil Karsog and Dhani Ram S/O Varu Ram R/O Baldi, PO Shakra, Tehsil Karsog. Other three persons involved were not named by the police.

All the arrested persons in both the raid were let out on bail today.

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