California Governor Schwarzanegger Invites Himachal Chief Minister for climate change summit

Shimla: Hollywood star and governor of California Arnold Schwarzanegger has invited chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal for participation at the Governors Global Summit on Climate Change to held later in the month.

The Chief Minister received the invitation today through Delhi based RK Pachauri, Director-General of the Energy and Resources Institute, a government spokesman said here.

Mentioning the steps taken by the state of Himachal Pradesh to combat climate change, Dhumal said that California had emerged a leader in United States by launching a campaign to deal with the challenge posed by climate change.

He said that facing the growing threat of climate change and recognizing opportunities to mitigate risks by embracing clean technologies and creating strong green economies, governments around the world were focused on climate policies and actions.

States and provinces had shown great leadership in this area, and were demonstrating that they had the capacity and will to tackle climate change.

Speaking about the R20 initiative launched by Schwarzanegger to bring together sub-national governments to implement low carbon and climate resilient projects he said that with the help of public and private resources, developed and developing country regions could come together to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    And Governor of California Arnold Schwarzanegger , should be invited to Himachal to make him see that how our politicians formulate cosmetic regulations in name of eco preservation or eco tourism and the blunders that are actually here.

    I ask our Chief Minister about climate and environmental degradation in Himachal…where is the implementation? Which policy Himachal is following that results in heaps of waste everywhere, garbage littering and polluted natural streams…

    Mr. Arnold Schwarzanegger should be send pictures of heaps and garbage around Shimla, its haphazard constructions and dirty garbage litters at major towns of Himachal to make him realize that his invitations are futile..

  2. says: Norman M. Hoggan

    Regardless of the cause the one point that most people miss when talking about climate is that we have to be prepared for change. It is pure human fantasy to assume that the Earth today is some sort of steady state system that is supposed to remain exactly as it is. Ocean levels will change and coastlines along with it. Rain belts will shift (North Africa used to be the bread basket of the Roman empire before the Sahara ate it) and glaciers will flow and retreat. Nearly all the ideas in the climate debate are built on the false supposition that the climate that supports the current geopolitical state is the norm. Let’s quit trying to find someone to blame and figure out how to deal with change that will come regardless of whose fault it is.

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