Himachal issues notice to Baru Sahib university

Students clash

Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh government Wednesday decided to serve a show-cause notice to private professional university, Eternal University in Sirmaur district over clash among students in the hostel last week, an official said here.

“The notice will be issued to the university authorities asking why the recognition (given by the state) not cancelled,” Director (Education) O.P. Sharma said.

He said the government has taken a serious view over the clash in which more than 15 students got grievous injuries in the university’s Akal College of Engineering and Technology.

The university is located at Baru Sahib, some 120 km from here.

Opposition Congress has termed it a communal clash and asked the government to withdraw recognition of deemed university status granted to it.

State Congress chief Kaul Singh Thakur said, “It was not ragging but a murderous attack on students of engineering college.”

The university is being run by the Kalgidhar Society that is also running a prestigious residential school, Akal Academy.

The school was in news last year when a Class 10 student allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in the school toilet.

Courtesy: IANS

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  1. says: Amarjit S Duggal

    Political leaders need to set an example here by contributing to a peaceful solution, than taking leverage out of this conflict. It is not just Baru sahib or the management that needs a peaceful solution, thousands of supporters of this institution, all around the world, are compassionately watching and want issues resolved.
    Amarjit S Duggal
    Atlanta GA
    Former ABVP activist

  2. says: Tejinder Singh

    Being a parent , I have first hand experience with the management of the Baru Sahib. Discipline is only good when it is within the limits. Too much is another form of cruelty. Orphans for which they tout all over the world are getting free education and lodging , actually are kind of slaves over there.They do free labor. Labor of what? They do the book binding, janitorial work, serve tea to the staff and all other sorts of labor. Many times parents are treated badly by the Jathedars especially called KAKA vir ji and Major Sahib. In KAKA vir ji’s room, he had whip to beat the orphans and scare them to death. His room was #10 at that time. Somethings need to change for the good of Sikh children as well as for the future of the school. I am not surprised by the conflict.

  3. says: Sandeep

    Appending to Tejinder Singh’s comment, Baru Sahib has been always embarking and executing their employees and students to portray a deceptive world of what is actually happening in the school with their marketing and promotional activites. On the contrary, the life, teaching and preaching is totally different!

    On the path of guru naam simran and kirtan, Students are sent in to horrific valley where the school is located by most of the parents who are been shown or misguided by big picture of school which employ the best benchmarks in shaping up careers. Children are literally exploited by the unethical, ill-mannered staff.

    1) Imagine getting up at 4:30 in the morning in school located in valley where weather is usually around 2 degrees and taking cold showers under, referred to as “chasmas” in the school. Matrons for respective houses are sitting outside the common washrooms with stick in hand, to review the children taking bath.

    A child can even die of heartstroke or fall sick while taking bath in chilly winters but the whole management wanted to simply ignore the reality facts. All they wanted is to ensure that you are following the path to enlightenment — waking up early and do naam simran e.t.c

    2) Parents were allowed to come and meet their child on last sunday of every month. Employees referred to as “sewadaars” and “bibiya” were most of the time, rude with parents as they were pretty aware of the fact that parents didn’t have any other options for accomodations in the valley.They had to eventually, stay in the rooms decided by the staff without any options.

    Children were inspected by “Bibiya” in queue while returning back to their dreadful hostel for sign of any tuck or grubs (eatables) as per mandate rules to not carry them inside. Imagine, You had to hog all the eatables your parents bought within stipulated outing timings in just one day

    3) Forget about social life as you only had this school in the whole valley. Children were at several times, inflicted by the faculty teachers by getting canned or being severly beaten up and upper management would not listen or simply ignore, the whole reality facts related to not performing well in academics or other reasons!

    4) During early morning hours, Children had to sit in similar pose in the gurudwara sahib for atleast 2 hours as you were bound by common school rules with no option to relax and just meditate and mediate! Imagine the legs and body getting crumpled up after sitting for long hours.

    5) Sunday always a holiday, had been turned nightmare by the school authorities as the early morning hours in divine place goes on for extension for another 2 hours which eventually aggregrate it to 4 hours.

    “sewadaars” and “bibiya” would ensure that noone attempts to bunk the rigorous divine sessions by taking attendance and “sewadaars” would go on to explore the whole infrastructure for children who were missing. Imagine what would happen to children afterwards who went to escape the coercion prayers ):

    6) They do free labor. Labor of what? They do the book binding, janitorial work, serve tea to the staff and all other sorts of labor –> Very much true. At a later stage, The children would realise that the school authorities had trained “sewadaars” to follow principle of saving labour costs and compensate the children by giving them some cheap eatables. The principle to save “Numerous funds” had been implied and functioning properly

    You cant escape the brutal/torture by KAKA vir ji if you try to evade the set coercion rules by the school management at regular basis.

    Overall, No one may ever return to a place where they would face torture or not even feel like listening as this is such a school which is utterly “deceptive” in regards with what they show to the world!

    Left school at an early age because sooner or latter, My parents came to realise that my career was being derogated and would end before it starts! They also had to face the irony of some brutual “sewadaars” who started misbehaving over some undue reasons

    Final message to the parents –> Please don’t ruin your children career at initial stage by getting misleaded or misguided. Apart from making your children to learn spirituality and gurbani, making them stereotype, You need to develop and shaping your child’s career choices as you are their mentors!

    Note–> I thought things might have changed after long 10-12 years but again some disappointment

    Wishing that rules and other activites change with time!

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