Himachal Public Service Commission Coughs Up Rs 1.36 Lakhs To Select 1 Officer

Shimla: Establishment of HP Subordinate Service Selection Board has rendered top heavy HP Public Service Commission under-utilized as the 2008-09 annual report showed that after incurring an expenditure of Rs 3.47 Cr, the statutory body recommended only 255 candidates for jobs in the year.

With government recruitments being one of the primary functions of the commission, which includes HAS and HPS cadres, the costing for selecting one officer worked out to Rs 1,36,192 as the commission total expenditure for the reporting year was Rs 3,47,28,977.

The commission conducted 12 examinations on behalf of UPSC, 10 for state service commission and had an income of Rs 81,21,964/- by way of sale of applications and examination fee.

The annual report, which was presented in the Vidhan Sabha recently, showed that 640 candidates were interviewed for the 229 Class I and 26 Class II posts against which recommendations were made.

In the year, the commission had a mandate for making recommendations against 1317 vacant posts, of which were 43 Class II posts.

It processed 31,669 applications, of which 981 were for Class II posts. At year close, process for recruiting against 906 posts was on, 121 had to be re-advertised, 31 were withdrawn and 4 were being contested in courts.

Of the total sanctioned staff of 117 there were 20 gazetted officers, in HPPSC which included the chairman and members.

The Hamirpur based HP Subordinate Selection Board (HPSSB), mandated with making all Class III posts barring exceptions like in High Court, Vidhan Sabha, HPPSC and JBT teachers in education department, incurred and expenditure of Rs 2,44,83,819 and had an income of Rs 1,59,58,768 for the year 2009-10, its annual report states.

In the year under consideration, HPSSB made 972 job recommendations which included 657 for trained graduate teachers (TGT) and 118 junior engineers in state electricity board.

For these jobs, the board processed 55,000 applications, of which 30,000 were for TGT’s.

At year end, process was on for recruiting against 2600 Class III vacancies, which included 1140 school lecturers, 702 TGT’s and 158 clerk posts.

Drawing a comparison of expenditures, the subordinate board had a salary bill of Rs 1.42 crore, HPPSC paid Rs 2.46 crore; the boards office expense was Rs 10.57 lakh, the commission’s was Rs 19.85 lakh, medical re-imbursement bill of the board was Rs 1.8 lakh, the commission’s was almost Rs 7.72 lakh and fee paid for professional services by the board was Rs 80 lakh and that by the commission was about Rs 50 lakh.

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