Himachal Congress hits out at land for DLF luxury housing

Shimla: With private builder DLF having announced plans to construct luxury villas for sale in Shimla and Kasauli, opposition congress today lashed out at the government saying that it was hand in glove with the land mafia by permitting violation of state laws.

Congress president Kaul Singh Thakur said, “our party strongly opposes such kind of blatant violations of the section 118 of HP Land Reforms and Tenancy Act, 1972, which restricts sale and purchase of agriculture land in Himachal.

The government instead of protecting interests of the resident population was playing into the hands of the land mafia. Private builders have been granted permission to construct flats and houses for sale, he said.

DLF on Monday announced plans to invest Rs 500 crores on luxury housing project in Shimla, Kasauli and Goa.
A company spokesman of the country’s largest builder stated that the luxury villas in Shimla would be launched first.

The company would sell the 24 villas being constructed at Shimla only to the elite at a price of about Rs 3 crore, he said.

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  1. says: RKS

    This statement by Congress president Kaul Singh Thakur about the land mafias and DLF intrusion in the state is still a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to be explored about the people fixing such deals with the insiders of the power corridor.
    Special topographic conditions and fragile ecology of Himalayan states cannot afford these ventures, hence discouraged in old provisions of Land Tenancy Act. Moreover such affluence is not required here at least by honest Himachalies.
    The matter may be in focus at the onset of next assembly elections.

  2. says: Reaper Ashu

    It gets hard to digest, hw people are turning out to be..seems like some private pockets r just bzy gormandizing money…I just rue on the fact dt Smla has in no way remained as it used to b 10 yrz earlier,d tym which takes me back to skool dayz…i gues d rudiment constructions r already there,then y to entertain more..rather the measures should b taken to preserve d exquisiteness of SHIMLA

  3. says: abhishek

    why dont the govt understands that shimla is already overflowing with concret we need to preserve it otherwise just like ridge whole of shimla will cave in

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