Awaz Pahadan Di: Episode 7

Welcome to our own podcast “Awaz Pahadan di” Episode 7. This episode brings to you an Interview with “Anuj Sharma” the Indian Idol sensation. Anuj is on a business trip to USA and we got a chance to sit down and talk to Anuj about his recently released debut album “Khwaab” and his future projects.

In this interview you will know about how Anuj started his Khwaab. You will also get to hear his favorite song Khwaab bhi Kabh…  and the song that Anuj sang in the piano round of Indian Idol Thoda pyaar Zaroori hai..

In this episode you will also get a chance to have a peek at the soon to be released pahadi Album “Pahadi Breeze” of Dr. Des Kashyap. Dr. Kashyap will talk about making of this album. If you like our efforts please do not forget to subscribe to the podcast, leave your feedback and come back for the next episode.

We are also working on a video podcast of this episode which will be uploaded to the youtube channel of MyHimachal shortly.

Happy Listning.

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  1. says: mehar kashyap

    Dr. Kashyap your song ‘roye ratadi kaati nairee’ is fabulous. Good combination of folk and western music. Best of luck for release of ‘pahari breeze’.

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