Opposition takes Himachal Government to Task Over Bad Roads

Shimla: Belying tall claims about government preparedness for keeping state roads and highways fully functional during the monsoon period, the opposition congress today lashed out at leaving apple growers in a lurch for want of market access to sell their produce.

Talking to media persons congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore said, thousands of apples boxes were held up in many growing belts because most rural roads were blocked.

Government claims about preparedness have proved hollow, he said. Apple harvest was at its peak and transporters were hesitant to move into the hinterland because of bad roads, he added.

The rains have been heavy and damages are extensive. The revenue department needs to undertake an early assessment about losses to peoples properties and compensate them, said the congressman.

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  1. says: A.Minhas

    its true in my place of posting last bus came on 22 july and today is 14th…most lazy department i have seen .
    i daily saw apples are taken in horses and hardly any crate is in good condition.sometimes apples are tumbling on road and saw with my own eyes horses just lied in nala and all fell in nala. Then they carry them in small pick ups to the main road where the trucks etc come because heavy vehicles are not running on roads.they have to pay more for transport so they are burst hit and rather than gain something i think they have to loose more. From last 10 days i am without light in my hospital and surrounding villages because transformer is burned which can not be carried as roads are not functioning. every day i saw pwd labor on road what they do , when they saw any vehicle coming towards them they start digging or they will make you assume that they are working very hard but as soon as you pass them they will sit down. daily when ever i see them above from my hospital i have observed this.

    our health department is now fed up from them most of the works done by PWD are worst now we are giving our works to BSNL.

    no one can wake them.

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