List of the Candidates for Himachal Pradesh University SCA elections

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh is all set to elect it new Himachal Pradesh University Students Central Association (SCA) and College Students Central Association (CSCA). Following is the list of the candidates of the 3 major parties of SCA.

President : Uminder Kumar a second semester student of LLM
Vice-President: Vimal, a first semester student of Law
Secretary: Pankaj Kumar, a third semester student of Political Science
General Secretary: Kamlesh Kumar, a first semester student of MMC

President: Kushi Ram Verma, a student of Public Admistration
Vice-President: Vipin Mehta, student of Law
Secretary: Sunita, student of M.Sc. in Chemistry
General Secretary: Ankush Mandiyal, a student of MBA

President: Baldev Deshta, a student of LLB
Vice-President: Priyanka Thakur, a student of M.A. Translation
Secretary: Rajinder Kumar Singh, a student of MMC
General Secretary: Deepak Kumar, a student of M.Sc. Microbiology

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