Every house has a tale to tell unveiled

Shimla: Rich with incidents that marked important events in the history of the sub-continent, chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal unveiled ‘Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai, a coffee table book compiled by the tourism department that documents many heritage buildings and the historical importance they hold.

Speaking on the occasion, Dhumal said that even before the book came out there were queries from television networks showing keenness in serializing the events related to the various buildings mentioned in the book.

Shimla is a city that has played an important role in the history of the country and most heritage buildings some of which are over a century old have a story to tell that the book has partially fulfilled.

One of reasons for compiling the information was to arouse the tourists curiosity, so that he may go exploring the city for its heritage value and another was for recording it all for future generations, said the chief minister.

The maiden endeavour of the tourism department would be supplemented by additional information and interesting facts and figures connected with the heritage of the century old houses in the town.

Next in line was ‘Har Gaon Ki Kahani’ that would catalogue rural tales of the thousands of villages in the state.

Places adjoining to such historical places would be developed by associating local people and hospitality industry, he added.

He said that various tourism promotional schemes had been started in the recent past, which included the home stay scheme so as to acquaint visitors with rural life style, local cuisines, culture and traditions.

Himachal Tourism Corporation had come up with a novel ‘Beti Hai Anmol’ package to attract parents to visit the state with their daughters. Himachal Tourism provides a day’s free stay in any of their hotels on a two day stay, if the parents are accompanied by their daughter, said Dhumal.

Efforts were afoot to link rural tourism promotional activities with the ongoing MNREGA programme so that it could bring direct benefit to the rural areas by creating additional avenues of income at their door steps.

The states efforts in promoting tourism had won Shimla the best hill destination award from CNBC network for the 4th consecutive year, he said.

In her welcome address. Manisha Nanda, Principal Secretary Tourism, said that ‘Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai’ was a unique publication of the department which was not only well documented but contained authentic information as well.

Efforts were being made to identify all historical buildings in the town and dig out the historical facts for publication. The book would also be beneficial to the research scholars and history lovers in updating their knowledge about the town, she said.

Aurn Sharma, Director of Tourism and Civil Aviation in a presentation gave details of the historical background of the concept and motive behind theme book.

The publication was unconventional one and through history, stories and folk lore seek to create a new platform for tourism, he said.

Facts brought out by the book included notification of Indian Air Force at Shimla on October 8, 1932, Indian Railway Design and Standard Organization Wing housed in Ellerslie building, Mahatma Gandhi’s longest stay at Manorville, the First Afghan war declaration at Shimla in 1838, General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haque, the 6th President of Pakistan having been a student of Government School, Lalpani and drawing of the famous McMohan Line that demarcated an international border, said Sharma.

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    1. says: Sandeep Thakur

      The book “Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai” which has recently been unveiled can be had from Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Block No. 28, SDA Complex, Kasumpti, Shimla-171009 (Himachal Pradesh)

  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Himachal ka Har town bhi kuch kehta hai..that i am loaded with heaps of waste and garbage…leaders only make fake gestures and create publicity stunts..Ravinder ji, if you have guts then publish my pictures here, i will let you know what every town , nook and corner of Himachal says, you keep giving celebrity status to politicians, who don’t even know the meanings of Ecology and sensible tourism..that’s the tragedy , even the media keeps chasing and flattering politicians for petty vested interests !

  2. says: Jyoti Sharma

    Rajneesh ji you may be true when we talk about politicians , leaders etc but the concept is really good. People always hear about things and become curious to know more. The book may be nice and full of knowledge but the book has to be circulated on a large scale all over domestically and internationally.

    “We the people” this word has lot of power if utilized in right direction and strategically. I am sure this cocept will promote Himachal as a tourist destination and lot can be worked out on Home Stay part.

    No doubt “we the people” as well as our “politicians” have to take this concept as concrete not as abstract. It can help lot many people in a positive way.Media has to play a very important part in publicity of this concept all over.

  3. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Jyoti, The stories & story tellers are good, they weave an intangible dream with words and pictures to woo readers and travel lovers, but when these guests or travelers actually reach our areas..with fairy tale dreams of holiday and cultural experience, they feel cheated with all around facilities, infrastructure , mind boggling parking problems, loot by fakers..being overcharged for even petty things..10 Rs eatable sold for 50 rupees in the name of difficult terrain..just come to travel towards famous destinations and see how much non professional, indecent behavior you get at most of the destinations..

    These fake publicity stunts are organised for tourism promotion which are planned for flattery to politicians, by good for nothing media agencies who keep giving celebrity status to them..senior officers who keep sitting behind tables and files and watching tourism promotion web sites from Europe and Switzerland and copying ideas from there but never realizing that our system doesn’t have that sensibility to adopt and implement these hi-fi publicity stunts….most of these officers sitting at high posts never have time to see the ground realities..to see non sense is happening at tourism places…

    Next year plan a trip and come to Manali in peak season, you’ll forget all these stories and realize that we have been destroying tourism in all possible ways..these stories will get lost in chaos , six KM in traffic jams..choking public toilets that stink from a distance of 500 meters..then narrate me which story you would like to compare with what you saw..people come to Himachal because its safe, Srinagar has been destroyed by militancy..but in last few years..just a little improvement Srinagar send shock waves to Himachal ..

    its still better to improve upon the basics first, rather than promoting stories that end up in press releases only..!

  4. says: ASHWANI KAUL

    will be happy n thankful .

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