Himachal Fruit Growers Confederation irked over truck shortages, freight overcharing

Shimla: Bad roads coupled with a shortage of trucks for transporting apple boxes in the growing belt has irked the Himachal Pradesh Fruit and Vegetable Growers Confederation who have condemned the government for its failure to ensure good roads and effectively monitor transport activity.

Sanjay Chauhan, general secretary of the federation says that “growers are running from pillar to post for arranging trucks so as to timely market their produce. The pending demand for trucks from Rampur, Dalash, Rohroo, Jubbal, Kharapathar, Kotkhai, Chopal, Nankhari, Theog and other apple growing areas has crossed 1150 trucks, he said.

Moreover, even if some farmer is able to get hold of a truck, he has to settle for a hefty freight charges, which is 8 to 10 times more than what happens to be the normal prevailing rates, said Chauhan.

Citing an example, he said that the government has fixed a rate of Rs 41.60 per box from Sheelgaht in Jubbal to Delhi (462 Kms), whereas the freight being charged from Sheelghat to Chandigarh (202 Kms) is Rs 120/- per box.

Terming it as sheer exploitation of the situation, the confederation has asked the government to intervene and stop the loot.
Taking the government authorities to task over claims being made that there was no shortage of trucks in the apple belt, Chauhan says that they are far removed from ground realities being faced by the farmers.

Pointing out the worsening conditions of roads, he said that traffic jams have become a regular feature, which at times last upto 12 hours, no effort is being made to open up link roads and truckers are hesitant to move into these roads because of the risks involved.

The administration needs to arrange for trucks from outside the state, if the losses are to be contained and the perishable fruit is transported and marketed in time.

Should the government not act, the farmers would be forced to agitate, said Chauhan.

Photo Credit: Ravinder Makhaik

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  1. says: Rajneesh Sharma

    Baithey Baithey (Sote Sote) thak gaye karna tha kuch Kaam…Shuru karo Raajneeti…le ke public ka Naamm

    M se — Mere Himachal Vasio, Baagwaan Bhaaiyo..hum laaye hain nai apple policy is sarkar se…agle baras sab theek hoga..(I promise…is bar bhi baksh do)..dar lagta hai election kee Haar se..

    S se — Sau sal pehle Himachal ke roads ka bura haal tha..Aaj bhi hai aur..kal bhi rahega…

    G se — Gata rahee… mera dill…Roads theek honge ….season ke baad…Kahin toote na ye rahe kahin toote na ye pull…gata rahe mera dill..

    L se — लग जा गले (Neta Ji & Road Contractor ) के फिर ये हसीं रात हो ना हो ….Shayed koi pull na tootae ya fir sadke khasta Haal na ho no ho..

    H se — Hai Hai ye Majboori…Pull toot gaye aur Sadken Bhi Adhoori…Ye Seb ka season Nikal Jaye..Teri do takyan di Antakshri…meri crodan dee Raajneeti na mar jaayee…

    Y se — ये चाँद सा रोशन चेहरा, जुल्फों का रंग सुनहरा…Agli baar bhi Ticket milegi lagao CM kee sharan me dera..Janta jaye Baahd me Ya apple growers ko loote Delhi ka lootera…

    Ravinder Ji, you do many many efforts to bring core issues to notice, we too like reading them but same time we see no change or nothing substantial happens… And public keeps suffering as usual..so i feel like screwing all Desh Bhakt , corrupt, Param Pratapi, Chamchagiri Ke Samrat…leaders & officers in this way only ;)..

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