Himachal Consumer Commission disposes of 51 cases

Shimla: HP State Consumer Commission disposed of 51 consumer cases in the second fortnight of July, whereas the fresh number of cases instituted during the period were 87, a spokesman for the commission stated.

By end of July there were as many as 755 cases pending before the commission, he added.

District consumer forums disposed of 96 cases and there were 112 new consumer complaints recorded in the second fortnight of July. Overall there were as many as 2922 consumer complaints pending with district forums, the spokesman for the commission said.

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  1. says: Anil Chandel

    Looks like someone needs to up their game! I hope, this is not their best.

    At this rate, the number of cases pending before the HP State Consumer Commission, could be nearly 175% of what it is now.

    Similarly, the number of cases pending before District Consumer Forums could grow up to nearly 110% of what it is now.

    Although, there are 12 districts and therefore (I guess) 12 District Consumer Forums, if all these cases (disposed off and pending) belonged to only 6 (arbitrary number) of them, the rate of disposing off cases per district is merely 1 case disposed off per day per district.

    I wonder, what the average case disposal time for the commission and the forums is like?

    I could be wrong, but then I hope someone would correct me.

    Nonetheless, the Consumer Forums and the Commission are doing great work to protect consumer rights and most of the times, the end user of their services is the common man.

    Their services are highly appreciated !!!

  2. says: P S Sawhney

    The best way to speed up the disposal of cases is not to grant any adjournment except on genuine difficulties of the parties.Even the Hon’ble National commission has prescribed that no adjournment should be granted in the routine manner and every such request should be granted on the cost of minimum Rs.500/- only.
    If this dictum is rigorously implemented the adjournments will reduce and it will be possible for each forum to decide 03 cases daily,if not more.
    No case will take more than six months.Will the District Fora give it a fair trial?

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