22 Dead, 31 Injured in Bus Accident in Himachal

Shimla: Twenty two (22) people have died and 31 others have been injured in a bus accident that was reported from near Chaila in Shimla district on the Kotkhai – Theog road today.

The private bus was coming from Tikkar-Sharounta to Shimla and is reported to have been overloaded when it lost control and fell off the road at about 4 p.m.

Bladev Thakur, SHO Theog police station, from the accident site reported the latest body count at 22 dead, which included 19 men and 3 women.

“Rescue and relief operations are being carried out and of the 31 injured in the accident, 28 persons have been rushed to Shimla,” said JS Rana, deputy commissioner Shimla who on learning about the accident has rushed to the site for supervising relief operations.

“The emergency team at IGMC Hospital Shimla has been put on alert and arrangement to deal with the situation has been put in place,” said Rana.

Within 24 hours this is the second major accident reported in the hill state.

Thirty-nine (39) people died and another 37 were injured in a truck accident near Rewalsar in Mandi district on Wednesday.

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  1. Himachal Government should put more efforts and resources to make roads safer. Time has come now safety and quality of roads should be checked properly.
    They should come out with Number of accidents in state .Reason and remedial action taken by the Authoritites.
    DANGEROUS AREAS AND CURVES should be highlighted and safety barriers used.
    Drivers of all sort should be shown videos and documentaries about accidents ,devastation caused by accidents to families. All Bus Deports should Display Number of Accidents in that district for every 4 months.
    Driving and Safety Tips to be displayed everywhere.
    Please Stop wasting money on useless stuff ,and i guess i don’t need to mention that your bureaucrats will come out with the numbers and figures.
    We shouldn’t surprised that Roads become Number One Killer in the State.
    Lets Make Himachal Number One in Road Safety.

  2. says: vinod thakur

    I know this will going to happen, because most of private buses are full-fledge with passengers almost and overloaded out of capacity and everybody is very much familiar with the so called tourist place Simla’s velvet roads.even I’m hoping for many more……..

    1. says: Jyoti Sharma

      Mr. Thakur don’t hope for more……because these kind of incidents are not medals that we should hope for more.

      Yes, i agree that Our Govt Authorities have failed on many things and one among these are over crowded buses which ply all over. But i think people also have to keep a check and avoid over crowded buses. Proper measures to provide good number of buses to all places should be the major step.

      Our Traffic people also have failed very badly on this. Few examples of there failure

      Kufri Road: This road is in pathetic condition and on daily bases we have traffic stuck for 4-5 hrs but traffic people are not able to manage.

      Near Tara Hall: Half of the road has gone down due to rain and if one traffic person is deputed there the harassment of people will come to stop. Otherwise every day around 1 hr traffic is there in peak hrs.

      and many other examples are there. When ever there is any VIP movement the roads are clear but what happened when injured people were being brough from Chail in kufri they got stuck due to traffic no traffic was not controlled properly.

      BIG CULPRITS ARE NORMAL JANTA ALSO , every body in hurry never think before turning vehicles at any place they find, over taking,

      Mr. thakur every one including you and me we all need to obey some rules which i think we all fail to….


      Ms. Sharma

  3. says: Amar Singh

    It is understood that the bus had stopped and then skidded back due to mud on the road, but the govt. is not ready to agree the poor road conditions and instead rules out as opposition propoganda. Farmers always look for good monsoon but this year the monsoon is proving a disasters for apple growers due to mismanagement of roads, poor arrangement of trucks to carry the produce to market, traffic jam at Kufri and other small towns. The accident victims do need sympathy, and the public needs proper maintenance of roads and action against the persons sitting in the administration, responsible for such road conditions leading to loss of so many precious lives. But then, it is unheard in Himachal !!!

  4. says: Pirta devendra Singh

    Time has come to reorient our transport policy. Strict measures to tame private transporters is need of the hour. There is no check on the company and contractors involved in this project. Shimla Hatkoti highway, the life line of apple belt or upper Shimla area, is in harrowing condition. Frequency of accidents has increased many time in last couple of months. Mr Bragta should commute from Shimla to Hatkoti at least once in a weak to know the ground reality. Frequency and duration of traffic jams have crossed all limits on this route. It seems concerned ministers( Transport and Horticulture) are still sleeping.
    Ravender ji at least grill these insensitive concerned authorities (Ministers) in the press conference. May god bless peace to all departed souls.

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