Police arrest 57 for Himachal Pradesh University violence

Shimla: Police have taken 57 students under preventive detention which include 7 girls as tension continues to vitiate peace at Himachal Pradesh University with one student having sustained a fracture in a late evening clash on Wednesday that had to be operated upon.

To contain the clashes taking place between groups of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and Students Federation of India (SFI) students’ police is searching hostels to ensure that no unauthorized persons were staying there illegally.

Superintendent police RM Sharma said that 42 students belonging to SFI, which include 7 girls and 15 from AVBP had been taken into preventive detention and would be produced before an executive magistrate on Friday.

In the morning a section of students manhandled a professor. Vice-chancellor SK Gupta said, “a case in the matter has been registered and we are indentifying the students involved for initiating their expulsion from the university.”

After the two groups clashed in the hostels at 2.30 a.m on Wednesday, despite the presence of heavy police blows were again exchanged in the university library on Wednesday evening in which 5 students were injured.

“Chunni Dhalta, one of injured students admitted in the hospital, has a fractured arm and it was operated upon today,” said a spokesman of IGMC hospital.

The vice-chancellor said that the university was moving a contempt of court against students holding processions on the campus despite a court order having banned such activities within 200 meters of campus.

“We also intend to expel all students found to be staying in hostels without any authorization,” he said.

Umesh Dutt, national secretary ABVP held the police and university authority responsible for the attack on the teacher.

“The professor was manhandled in the presence of over 70 policemen and could not be prevented,” he alleged.

On the other hand Garuv Thakur, SFI campus president held that the police was being biased against them by slapping non-bailable charges against their group and letting AVBP off easy.

Each year as university elections approach, the HPU campus witnesses violent clashes among groups belonging to different political outfits that has not enabled the institution to emerge as a centre of excellence, despite having been established four decades ago.

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  1. says: Amit Pundir

    University Politics has spoiled the education culture at Shimla, whenever i have visit university for some work i have always found some group shouting slogans in the campus area, Such serious actions are required to regain the lost reputation of Himachal University, students should not be led free for such activities same time university should also define and proper communication channel to listen to the needs of students

  2. says: Jyoti Sharma

    University politics has taken over Education. People from all parts of Himachal come to enhance there knowledge and see a dream of having good future. But see what happens brain of Few ruin the future of thousands. Wake up guys dont behave like knowledgeable illiterates. Use your brain……… Work for the betterment of your future and raise the standard of Himachal Pradesh University.

    1. says: Nishant, Delhi

      Yes Jyoti is right dnt waste this time in such a stupid things. this is the time to enhance ur knowledge and make ur future bright. I am also the student of Shimla University and was involved in politics. But after some time I realized the importance of my time and got out of it. This is all for politicians and bnot for carrier oriented students. Politics is everywhere like in JNU, DU etc. But thre is proper system of elections , student councils , Student needs. Violance is not the solution. So use this time it will never come again and again. if u r looking at these peoples who involves in politics then my dear you should know one things these guy spends half of their life in University and backs to their homes with empty hands.

  3. says: Dinesh

    All of you guys are right, After reading such types of news its hard to believe is it university . Every year in the time of election all these parties want to grab the attention of all the fresher students. And looking for some issues to, sorry some ridiculous issues. Fighting, to break the arm or leg of some students are normal things in university. Hostels in university are fulled with rods and sharp weapons. And these parties fights like their rival parties has killed their family or friends.

    All this they are doing to get four seats in elections. And after getting these seats what great work they had done in university i don’t know. Every year HPU becoming worse and worst place to study. Its hurts to say, but if all this are keep going on, HPU will become a joke in the name of university.

    But have any of us think, what is root cause behind this. Look any student who get admission in H.P.U. has not come to do politics. Soon they get used in politics, its look hard to believe students of professional courses like MBA, MCA get involved in this dirty politics.

    All these parties used the students year by year, some of break their arms, some get rusticated from university. And finally what they or University will get . Answer is nothing. Some of student spend 5 or six year in university. First they will do law, then MBA and then MTA etc. In actual they do only politics there, courses are only formalities, slapping, going to jail, bail are normal activities for them.

    The sad thing is that still these students are not using their brain, easily they get used to by these parties. But who will suffer, these students parents, brothers, sister and their career. How a father or mother feels if in morning newspaper or news channel they will read their son or daughter are in jail or in police remand or get rusticated from university. Are they studying there or doing the practices to go to jail or learn to say “Murdabaad” or “Zindabaad”

    These students will not spoil there career but also hurts their parents . Remember at this time no one leader of these parties will not go to their homes or talk to their parents. What these parties leader will say, they don’t have that much courage to face any parents. To tell lie with your parents, to scarifies your career these parties will teach them. Are all these they are learning there. What type of leader they are ? By making your parents in tension or telling lie to them, or fighting will them you can’t achieve success in your life. And finally these students forget why we come for in University.

    Maximum no of students in H.P.U. are from villages or poor or middle class family. After completing their course they don’t have enough money for their living hood. But having three FIR, or some running cases, zero professional knowledge, its hard to get job. And remember doing only unfocused politics, you can’t run your family or even will not get any respect or good recognition in society.

    Its my request to all students of university, please use your brain, use your wisdom, analyze which is good or bad for you and try to make your future brighter so that your parents feels proud on you.

  4. says: J.K. Sharma

    It is unfortunate that University of Hill State is full of violence. A few students are disturbing the innocent students who have come from rural areas for higher studies. Their poor parents have sent them for higher education with their hard earned money. Parents are worried for future of their children. On this aspect the Govt. has rightly allowed the Private Universities to impart education in the State. In case such situation continues in future, entire higher education will go into the hands of Private Sector and poor and deserving people of the State will be victim of these violence creators.

  5. says: Om Prakash Sharma

    Universities are for making education for the masses. So the student are there to learn the degree in that subjects. But in India the student are learning bad political culture by doing such things as you may notice in the Himachal Pradesh University students are learning.
    Let it should be politics free and student goes to the knowledge centre to earn their degrees by hard work.
    I have seen in USA the Universities are without bias for the parties.
    Learn from them and improve our dirty systems.

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