53 fresh diarrhea cases reported in Shimla

With 53 fresh cases of diarrhea reported in the city today, in three days since the outbreak 170 diarrhea patients have been recorded, mainly from a crowded locality in Sanjauli, which health workers say is due to use of contaminated water.

State surveillance officer, Vinod Mehta disclosed that of the 53 cases reported today, 37 were at Sanjauli dispensary, 7 at IGMC hospital and 9 at the Rippon, the district hospital located in the city.

The situation is more or less contained as of all the patients who reported with diarrhea today, only one has been hospitalized, said Mehta.

The outbreak claimed the life of a 12 year old boy, two days ago. “He was brought dead to the hospital,” said the health officer.

Even as results of water samples sent for laboratory testing are awaited, the disease surveillance officer said that food contamination had been ruled out and it was water contamination that had caused the outbreak.

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