Coca-Cola inaugurates a ‘Check-Dam’ project at Sari in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla: After installation of more than 500 RWH structures in 22 states of India for the cause of water management, Wave Beverages Pvt. Ltd. the franchise bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company in India partnered with gram panchayat of the Sakri village of Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh, inaugurated a Check Dam which on completion will harvest nearly 84,000 Kilo liters of rainwater per annum.

The ‘check dam’ construction across Minu Khad was inaugurated by Gurdeep Singh Kandhari, Executive Director, Amritsar Crown Caps Limited in the presence of Prem Chand Dhiman, Gram Pradhan, Om Prakash, Gram Up-Pradhan, Secretary Dinesh Chand, village elders and senior leadership of Coca-Cola India on the World Environment Day i.e. June 5th.

The Prem Chand Dhiman, Gram Pradhan, Sakri, said, “we are thankful to Amritsar Crown Caps Ltd for coming forward and contributing in the construction of check dam in our village. The check dam will be a boon for the village which relies on surface water for it water requirement. Sakri village being a hard rock area, the rain water that we receive during the monsoon flows away since neither we are able to harvest the rainwater nor does it percolate below the ground.”

Upon completion, this check dam project will be able to harvest nearly 84,000 kilolitres of water to meet the farming and drinking water requirements of cattle and livestock. The water harvested will also aid soil conservation and help increase the milk and fishery production in the village. The project is estimated to cost Rs. 45 lakh and will be completed before the end of the year.

According to Abhijeet Mukherjee, Region General Manager, Coca-Cola India, “We at Coca-Cola are committed to refresh the lives of communities on an every day; all day basis and have always laid emphasis on such environment related initiatives. As part of the same strategy, sustainable water management remains our top priority. We will continue to find innovative solutions in all areas of water management through our integrated 3R strategy.”

Coca-Cola India provides extensive support for community programs across the country, with a focus on education, health and water conservation.

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