The lost totem

Silence lingers in placid ears,
as hues colour the smoky skies…
Cocooned clouds now run along;
tempting, teasing,
enlivening the haunted hills…

~The Bubble bursts~

Eye’s roam the free world
in ignorant innocence…
A Da Vinci, a crayoned existence
of shapes and blurs.
Man his own connoisseur,
simmering in a metal kettle
bursting within its shallow seams…

~The road unfolds~

Nausea soars with each ascent,
as if meandering the earth’s lament…
Wind belies the dizzied stance
flowing abreast the tide of time
as nature lactates the impertinent dance…

~The lost totem~

A helplessly inebriated traveller
languishes by brooks of wine,
perusing the beauty of silhouttes…
with a conscience just as dark.
Now, humans take a curtain call,
and drink the contours of life away…

I'm a media student, a writer, a poet, a photographer and an aspiring film maker...experiences are something I treasure and hold close to my heart for with each experience comes the joy of memories and grief of a lesson learnt the hard way...! Oh, and I'm 19 years old for the record...:-)

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