Divya Datta’s Haat Keeps Audience Glued at Shimla Film Festival

Shimla: With a strong woman centric theme, Seema Kapoor’s film ‘Haat’ got a standing ovation at the Indian Panorama Film Festival here on Saturday evening.

With young talented Divya Datta in the lead and Archana Puran Singh playing as her mother, the award winning film is set in a male dominated Rajasthan countryside.

Women from the village shedding class and caste inhibitions and rising against the male dominance in order to protect the disrobing of a young second wife Sanjana (Divya), who has deserted her husband to live with her lover, marks a befitting climax to the intense film.

After the screening Divya, who was present on the occasion, held an interactive session where she responded to questions from the audience about her career and the roles shes has played.

Photo by: Amit Kanwar

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