Nithyananda’s associates trail runs cold in Himachal

Shimla: While the state CID did nab Swami Nithyananda from a village in Solan district, last Wednesday, but efforts to track down his close associate Shailesh Tiwari, who is still believed to hiding in the state have failed to make headway.

Sources in Himachal CID disclosed that that the Karnataka police have sought assistance in arresting Tiwari as they believe he was still hiding somewhere in the state.

Laying hands on Tiwari was important because he is said to be privy to all the financial dealings of the organisation, said the CID officer.

When the infamous Swami was arrested at Mamlik village in Arki on 21st April, the police had stumbled upon US $ 7000 and the Karnataka police is considering making out a case under FEMA for holding so much foreign currency without obtaining permissions to do so.

With cases of sexual impropriety registered against the Swami not likely to be considered a transgression of law, Karnataka police were looking to book him on the money trail.

Prior to the Swami’s arrest, Tiwari, a resident of Uttar Pradesh renamed Munishananda by his Guru was spotted in Arki village but went missing when the police raided the place.

To track him down, the police are retracing the movements of the Swami during his month long stay in the state.

They have questioned the owners of the house and its caretaker where the Swami was arrested and pulled out details of mobile phone calls made to locate other contacts in the state, but so far the leads have run cold.

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