Himachal Youth Congress for CBI Inquiry into land for private universities

Shimla: Sniffing a scam in permitting many private universities in Himachal, the Youth Congress today demanded a CBI inquiry into the land allotment processes adopted for these institutions even as they spelled out plans to agitate against throwing open the mining sector and hiking of bus fares.

Talking to the media Manmohan Katoch, president Youth Congress said that the government had not ordered an investigation into video CD exposé in which a BJP MP is allegedly seen discussing illegal money matters for opening of a new university.

“As the youth have very little faith in the state government machinery, only an fair and impartial inquiry by an agency like CBI would be able to unearth the wheeling and dealing that has gone into opening of some many private universities, which is clearly indicated in the video CD in question,” he said.

The youth leader disclosed that mining permits that provided employment to many in Kangra and other districts had been thrown open to residents of Punjab and other states. “The BJP government was not protecting the interests of local residents deliberately as their interests lay elsewhere,” he alleged. “The youth will not tolerate such polices and would agitate the matter,” he said

Terming the stiff bus fare hike as anti people, Katoch said that the party youth wing was drawing up plans to launch a state wide campaign against it.

“The government is playing into the hands of big business houses as can be gauged from the fact that one hydropower company has enhanced the generation capacity of its project under execution by as much as 200 MW without bothering to take any permissions,” he said.

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