Union Budget anti common man and bias to Himachal Pradesh: Dhumal

Terming Union Budget as anti-poor, anti common man and anti farmers, Himachal Chief Minister, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, said here today that proposed hike in petrol and diesel will affect the common man at large as this would lead to more transportation cost thereby affecting every spheres of life and would increase prices of essential and other commodities.

He added higher salaried employees have been benefitted in Income Tax whereas the lower paid employees had not been given any concession.

He also mentions that Himachal Pradesh has one again been ignored by Union Government as its Industrial Package has not been extended and this can stop growth in the state.

The NDA Government had given industrial package till 2013 earlier and later it was brought down to 2010 by the UPA Government.
He said that he could not understand why discrimination was with Himachal Pradesh when it has been given to North-eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir where the geographical and topographical conditions was almost same

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  1. Union Budget anti common man and bias to Himachal Pradesh: Dhumal
    I fully endorsed the views and comments of Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal Cheif Minister, Himachal Pradesh that the Union Budget is Anti Common Man, Ani poor and Anti farmers. It is also ani middle and low paid employees. Hike in petroleum products have further deteriorated the hopes of prices of essential commodities come down. Railway Budget is also not favourable to Himachal pradesh. Industrial package must have been extended upto 2020. The comments and views of the Chief Minister HP are correct. The Union Government want un rest in the peaceful state of Himachal Pradesh. If people of the State comes for agitational approach, the centre has to bear its consequences. Still there is time for the central government to not discriminate with Himachal Pradesh in the matter of development.

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