Swine flue claims first patient in Shimla

Shimla: Hospital authorities today reported the death of a 23 year old woman Guddi Devi, making her the first victim of swine flu within Himachal Pradesh.

SS Minhas, medical superintendent IGMC hospital said, “Guddi Devi with pneumonia symptoms was admitted to the hospital on 3rd December.”

“The 23 year old lady who was on a ventilator had tested positive for swine flue in the hospital labs and she died today afternoon,” he said.

While two swine flu deaths from Solan have been reported earlier, Minhas said those victims had died outside the state, whereas this was the first swine flu death to have occurred within the state.

The victim said to be a resident of Betchwa village in Mandi district was brought to the hospital from Rampur in Shimla district.

The relatives and other people who came in close contact have been isolated and are being provided preventative treatment, he added.

Other than the victim, there is another swine flu patient admitted in the isolation wards of the hospital.

To gear up to tackle the disease, the hospital had upgraded its testing facilities and is now able to conduct the swine flu tests within the existing laboratories. In all the head count of reported cases in the state are 14 of whom 3 have died.

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