Himachal Bye-elections – Rohru clocks 69 percent, Jawali 67 percent polling

Shimla: After successful and peaceful conclusion of voting for Rohru and Jawali that was held yesterday, chief electoral officer Anil Kumar Khachi, informed today that the final voter turnout in Rohru was 69.36 percent while in Jawali it was 66.99 percent.

Polling was peacefully in all the 209 polling stations and no untoward incident had been reported from any part of these constituencies, said Khachi.

The voter turnout was comparable to the General Vidhan Sabha Elections, 2007 in Rohru Constituency while in Jawali it witnessed a drop of 5 percent.

He said 209 polling parties were deployed in both Assembly Constituencies for bye-election, out of which 118 were deployed in Rohru and 91 in Jawali. 202 polling parties reported back on 7 November, 2009 while 7 polling parties of Dodra-Kawar reached Returning Officer’s Headquarters on 8 November, 2009. All EVMs had been sealed in the Strong Rooms with tight security.

Chief Electoral Officer said that in Jawali, polling exceeded 80% in three Polling Stations, 33 polling stations registered more than 70% whereas in 46 polling stations it exceeded 60 per cent. The maximum voter turn out of 83.67% was recorded in 65-Charudi Polling Station.

The female voter turnout for Jawali stood at 71.74% while male voter turnout was 62.43%. The maximum female voter percentage had been registered in 63-Patti Polling Booth of Jawali AC, where 89.71 % female voters cast their vote. The maximum female electors in Jawali AC were in 19-Maira-1 Polling Station which had 707 female electors, out of which 483 cast their vote and the percentage worked out to 68.32%. Female voters outnumbered in 77 polling stations and male voters in 14 polling stations.

In 3-Rohru highest voter turnout of 93.09 percent was recorded in 22-Andreothi Polling Station. Polling exceeded 80 per cent in 13 Polling Stations, 64 polling stations registered more than 70 per cent whereas in 25 polling stations it was over 60 per cent. In four polling stations the polling was below 50 per cent.

The female voter turnout for Rohru stood at 66.15% while male voter turn out was 72.35%. The maximum female voter turnout of 90.91%. had been registered in 118-Pandar Polling Booth. The 15-Karasa Polling Station with 563 female electors registered 57.19 per cent female voter turnout.

Female voters outnumbered in 4 polling stations and male voters in 114 polling stations in Rohru Constituency.

He said that 48690 voters cast their vote in Rohru while 49619 in Jawali Assembly Constituency.

The CEO further informed that counting staff had been imparted training by the respective Returning Officers.

The counting would commence on 10 November, 2009 at 8AM in the presence of Election Commission of India’s Observers and postal ballot papers will be taken up first before the EVMs are opened.

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