Former Himachal minister’s wife booked by vigilance

Shimla: State vigilance and anti-corruption bureau has booked Kalavati, wife of former minister Mansa Ram in case along with two officials over a case of illegal felling of green trees, an issue that had figured in a charge sheet that congress had submitted against the Dhumal government’s previous term in office.

Confirming the police action taken, SR Mardi, IG vigilance said, “a case in Shimla vigilance police station has been registered against wife of the former minister Mansa Ram.”

The case pertains to illegal cutting of trees for constructing a house at Strawberry Hill in Chota Shimla,. Two forest officials have also been booked in case, he said.

Since the five floor building is in the name of the former minister wife – Kalavait, the FIR has been registered against her.
Other than having remained a minister in YS Parmar’s government, Mansa Ram as a member of Himachal Vikas Congress (HVC), a regional outfit floated by former communication minister Sukh Ram, was also a cabinet minister in Dhumal’s BJP-HVC coalition government from 1998-2003.

The issue on which the case has been made out did figure in a charge sheet which congress had brought out against the then government and had submitted before the governor.

What has raised eyebrows is that Mansa Ram recently announced his joining the congress party as HVC has all but disappeared from political arena in the state.

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