Himachal struggles to eradicate leprosy, to launch drive in New Year

Shimla: With the start of New Year, the government has planned out a special drive to eradicate leprosy from the state, where as in December, the health authorities intend to start an awareness campaign about AIDs.

After presiding over a review meet, Rajiv Bindal, health minister announced that the AIDS awareness campaign would be conducted between 1 to 25 December and the leprosy eradication drive would be conducted in January.

To provide autonomy in functioning of health institutions as well as increase public participation in health care, the government had been able to constitute 568 Rogi Kalayan Samitis in health institutions, Bindal disclosed.

“In these Samitis participation of public, social organisations and media had been ensured,” said the minister.
The Rogi Kalyan Samitis were dormant during the earlier congress regime but now had been made active after imparting professional training, he added.

Bindal said that a sum of Rs 15.37 crore had been earmarked for the current fiscal year for maintenance and other requirements of primary health centres, community health centres and civil hospitals.

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