Himachal Univ. to celebrate World Tourism Week

vice regal lodgeShimla: Institute of Vocational Studies (IVS) and students of Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) of Himachal Pradesh University will celebrate World Tourism week in which they will conduct a tree plantation program 23rd September near Boys Hostel at Potter Hills to inhance environmental activities and promote green tourism in and around Shimla. On 25th September, ‘Athiti Samman’ and heritage walk in Shimla will be held by welcoming the tourists coming to Shimla with garlands and sweets at Railway Station and invite them to participate in Shimla heritage walk starting from heart of the town the Ridge and passing through Scandal Point the Mall, Kalibari, Chaura Maidan via Museum upto Viceregal Lodge to convey the message of rich heritage and the present state of affairs.

And, on 27th Sept. the World Tourism Day will be celebrated and twelfth(12th) national quiz themed “Celebrating Diversity” will be organised.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    Tourism is really “WEAK” in Himachal. Just by celebrating “Tourism Week” cant make it glow. As a media person just ask our Neta log and tourism minister that do they know which are the most successful and most visited tourism destinations/countries in world and why they are so successful?

    I am sure that none of our brigade of ministers can elaborate the beauty of Himachal if are given a chance on some international platform. None of them is that competent in intellectual sense, these all mahan netas are just confined upto making stupid statements or leg pulling of each other and befooling masses. Had they been so mature then it would have reflected somewehre in action. Terrifying incedents happen at our pilgrim centres which are an automatic centures of tourism but see the arrangements…even animals can manage better movement in herds and system so that they dont die out of mismanaged crowds and stampede.

    Neta logon ko apni ghatiya politics se fursat miley tab to kuch karen tourism ke liye. Ask these all linternational leaders of HP from all parties to come and celebrate this “International Toursim Week” at any place in HP and write words or an essay /story about potential of Intetrnational Tourism & possibilities in Himachal then see yourself what comes out as a result…sab ulluon ki tarah ek doosrey ki shakal dekhenge and wont ever be able to write sumething substantial. Adhe se Zayada ko to shayed ye bhi na Maloom ho ki which places are marked by UNESCO in Himachal or what is the meaning of UNESCO. I bet it, just go random to all brigade of elected MLA’s and ask them this surprise question.

    They (Neta Log) enjoy milage out of intelligence from IAS, HAS officers who make them aware about facts and certtain information regarding the subject. Our politicians are mediocre, and only mdiocres are found near them..

    Tourism promotion efforts by MTA students are good but who will implement them in State as a rule? these MTA students will pass out with degrees and go to Delhi/Mumbai for their jobs ahead and all these celebrations too will become historical in Orkut or Flickr web sites giving no input in actual sense.

    Neta log will keep on riding with their great declarations of this and that and foolsih we (Public ) will keep watching all these blunders & by writing these comments in Himachal Web sites !

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