SFI Sweeps Himachal Pradesh University Elections

SFI Celebrate HPU 2009 Election Win

Photo By: Amit Kanwar

Shimla: Backing of the party in power has not helped the saffron outfit Akhil Bhariya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) make much gains in the students elections here as left oriented Students Federation of India (SFI) won all four seats at Himachal Pradesh University, results of which were declared late in the evening, today.

For the HPU president election of Students Central Association (SCA), Gaurav of SFI was declared winner defeating his nearest rival by 402 votes.  The vice-president election was won by a girl candidate Vinta, by 149 votes. The general secretary election was won by Kusum by 258 votes and Pappu won the joint secretary election by 326 votes.

Last year ABVP had been able to win the joint-secretary election but were unable to hold onto their gains in this election.

Earlier during voting, the police intervened and took two SFI activist into preventive detention. Surinder, president SFI and Manish Sharma, a MTech student who has been expelled from the university but whose name figured in the voter list were detained by the police.

RM Sharma, district police chief said, “the duo were taken into preventive custody for obstructing and assaulting a government official while on duty.”

Elsewhere at Rashtriya Kanya Maha Vidyalayah (RKMV) government girls college Shimla, it was a clean sweep for communist affiliated organisation Students Federation of India (SFI) who won all the four positions – President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Joint-secretary, for which voting was held earlier in the day.

Elections at the Government college Kotshera, threw up a mixed result with the presidents and joint-secretaries position being won by BJP backed ABVP backed candidates and the vice-president and general secretary position won by SFI.

In the government college for excellence Sanjauli, the president and general secretary positions were won by congress affliated National Students Union of India (NSUI) and the vice-president and joint secretary position was won by SFI.

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  1. says: Rajneesh

    What happens to SFI’s party wing CPI in vidhan sabha elections? where they are lost in representing the state? or should we* just believe that winning in HPU for over a dedacde is just a fallacy? If there has been such a tremendous performance by SFI for more than over a decade then why cant they just win one seat in Vidhan Sabha elections in Himachal? Lal Salam sirf HPU ke elections main he chalta hai, otherwise they hibernate in black hole.

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