Mani Mahesh Yatra 2009






The Manimahesh Lake is situated at a height of 13500 feet above sea level, it is situated approximately 100 KM from chamba town. Every year on the day of raksha bandhan, krishan janam ashtami, and radha ashtami people visit Manimahesh Lake and take holy dip in icy cold water.

Those being carried are called chelas/gur of different devi devtas and they are the one who first cross the lake and then others follow.

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    Thank you for wonderful snaps. Perhaps this is first time snaps from Mani Mahesh are available! By the way out of curiosity, why some people are carried on shoulders? Please do tell more about the significance of the yatra and various rituals. Thank you.

    1. hello,manimahesh sacred lake is situated at the height of 13500 feet above sea level,it is situated 100 KM from chamba town.every year on the day of raksha bandhan,krishan janam ashtami and radha ashtami people visited manimahesh and take holy dip in icy cold water.the people who are being carried are called chelas/gur of different devi devtas they ist cross the lake and their supporters who were standing other side of the lake carried them on their shoulders.after break the lake the purby called the time to take dip for the pilgriage started.i have very good vedio clips if you have the FTP please give i will forward the vedio clips which are very attractive.

  2. this year about five lakh people visited holy is very difficult yatra and now a days it is one of the biggest yatra of himachal pradesh.After Amarnath manimahesh is very famous.

    like Amarnath chhari yatra starts from dashnam akhara of chamba, from where two silver sticks carried out by Nagas sadhus from chamba to Bharmour 64 Kilometre,then from Bharmour to Manimahesh.people from all over the world visited manimahesh.from village Hadsar on foot journey starts,which is very tuff and difficult but five lakh people visited which shows their belief.people from J&K district Doda come on foot they travelled 300 km one side with small children womens and sheeps and goats.

  3. says: vikas kapur

    hello , i m vikas from chamba
    due to the increasing no of people visiting this lake in the previos years , there is a strong need of cleanliness of the environment. one visiting the holy lake get depressed about the prevailing conditions of the surroundings from harsar to lake. no of people for holidaying are increasing except few locals & J&K pilgrimages for religous purposes. it is a sorry picture needs to be corrected earliest.

    1. hello,vkas,if you are from chmba then u must aware that earlier five to twenty thousand people visited manimahesh every year.the season remain rainy season all waste washed that time use of polythene was not in form,now the pilgrimage increased many fold five lakh person visited bharmour, hadsar,dhanchho,gauri kund, goth and manimahesh so many langer wala parties started their lunger in the area. they tried their best for the cleanliness drive,but it is not possible for any individual group any how awareness compaign is taking place and we hope that in coming years some NGOs will come up and starting cleanliness compaign.but i think that being chambial u must come forward and forum a group and work the noble cause in the area.

  4. says: Manoj

    Hi, i am Manoj from Chamba.Sometimes i ponder why God preferred such a inaccessible abode for Him.Does He want people to remain in their homes and perform their pooja from there or the nearby temples without disturbing His peace.

    1. hello,manoj,welcome your comments u r goong towards the indian philosiphy which is a long and tire some subject.God is god alimmighty he wish that from your busy time you must have some time to remember him,so whenever you planned to visit such area u always remember God ? why ? as u fear from death and u want to come safe to your home or to parents. only in these high and tuf hills u rememeber to the is either manimahesh or vaishno mata,and amarnath,badrinath kedarnath all tiraths forced u to remember God.

      1. says: ASHUTOSH


  5. says: Ravi Shandilya

    I am Ravi Shandilya & I want to know about story of Manimahesha.
    plz I request to all of guys tell me the story of Lord Shiva.

  6. Excellent – Manimahesh Kailash. Iam planning shortly to visit it.
    One can enjoy MORE the Adikailash and Omparvat trek in Uttaranchal mountain ranges, which is supposed to be the longest treking routes in India. It takes 15 complete days to cover the trek. For further info one can visit and related sites.

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