Himachal Taps Rs 665.85 Crore Up-front Money From Hydropower Projects

Shimla: Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal in a written reply let the Vidhan Sabha know today that in three years, 2007, 2008 and upto July 2009, the power ministry had collected a total of Rs 665,85,27,974/-.

In reply to a question by Sukhvinder Singh Sukku (congress) the chief minister laid out the details that in 2007, for the 12 projects allotted, an amount of Rs 243,65,75,000/- was collected as upfront money; in 2008, one project was allotted and an amount of Rs 338,75,52,974/- was collected and upto 31st July, 2009, 295 projects were allotted and an amount of Rs 83.46 crore was collected.

After the state announced its power policy on 11.12.2006 a total of 308 hydropower project have been allotted, said Dhumal, which included 293 small hydro projects and 15 medium or large projects.

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