Himachal Pradesh High Court Judges to list assets on website

Shimla: Even though the Himachal High Court had adopted a resolution on 15 May, 2008 about being ready to declare judges assets along with those of their close relatives, it was only after the Supreme Court laid out the route that the judges here have made their intentions known of following suit.

After a full court meeting on Saturday, a court spokesman stated, “Assets of all judges, including the acting chief justice RB Mishra would be posted on the High Court website.” It was a unanimous decision at the courts meeting, he added.

However, the judges are awaiting the resolution adopted by the judges of the Supreme Court, which would spell out the guidelines for them about making public disclosure of assets held.

After chief justice of India, KG Balakrishana announced a decision of the Supreme Court judges to make public of all assets and liabilities, justice Mishra immediately asked for placing the issue for discussion before a full court meeting.

On 15 May Himachal High Court had adopted a resolution that all judges would declare their assets be it in real estate or investments under their own name or under those of their spouses and children.

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