Awaz Pahadan Di: Episode 6

Welcome to our own podcast “Awaz Pahadan di” Episode 6. Thank you very much for your comments for the last episodes. We are extremely sorry for the delay in uploading this episode.

This episode brings to you chat with Dr. Des Kashyap about his upcoming pahadi album. Besides chat you will be able to listen to some of demo songs like “Chale Chidiye Paruye Jangale”, Nachana Ucha Chhubiye”, “Jhinure Mama Machi Mardo Chalo”, Chuti Mama Reusha Ri Daali and “Meriye Dila Di E” from this album. We promise to keep you entertained so do not forget to subscribe to the podcast or come back for the next episode.

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  1. says: Avnish Katoch

    Good one sir! The best part is western touch. I think the new generation is leaving behind our heritage and culture so via this way at least they would still be connected to local language and still enjoy the new beats! I enjoyed all the songs, but the last song was just amazing! I wish all the best for launch of this album here in US for Himachali diaspora and in Himachal!

    In your next episode could you please also speak in local language and bit explain words. I think in future whoever you have to interview, that person should also speak little bit in local language! What better way to spread our pahadi languages!

    Thank you!

  2. says: promod

    I’ve always believed that the genext is far more sensitive and concerned about preserving and archiving our classical works of music and art. I could only listen to this episode(6) so far and really appreciate the fact that Dr.Kashyap has remarkably maintained the true ‘sur’ and ‘taal’ of these classical songs besides maintaining the sanctity of lyrics. I’ll take time off to listen to all these compilations from time to time. At the same time I would also thank the whole team of ‘My Himachal’ for initiating the series. Keep it up!
    With all my Best Wishes!

  3. Living in isolation of the culture these songs represent, it is a commendable job to have created this music ‘solo’.

    The lyrics are familiar, the fusion music is not – but the mix does evoke images of an age gone by and the one we are living in.

    A real tribute to the land we are from and to its people, who regale in song, dance and music

  4. says: sudarshan Kumar

    Dr Kashyap. ji…

    This podcast is really great as we came to know that you will release an album very soon. We are eagerly looking forward to the release.


  5. says: pooja bharti

    hello mamu…u hv really done a great job…its very nice 2 c dat u hv nt 4gtn ur d vry bst 4 d launch..ppl vil definately like it….i m ur niece 4rm dalash doin bds 4rm gdc igmc shimla…

  6. says: Anuj

    Hi Dr. Kashyap,

    Feel gr8 n nostalgic wen we listen our music…. Its true tht these songs reminds us of our culture, our homes n our roots!!!

    It feels good wen sm1 so far from his roots is working n thinking 4 his roots.

    Waiting eagerly 4 ur new release.

    Kudos 2 u.


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