Rs 235.52 Cr Sanctioned for Swan channelization in Himachal – Ravinder Ravi

To tame the sorrow of Una, the central government has approved Rs 235.52 crore as part of Phase II of Swan River Flood Management and Integrated Land Development Project, Ravinder Singh Ravi, minister for Irrigation and Public Health disclosed.

He said that the sum would be spent on channelization of Swan river, which used to create havoc amongst the people living both sides of the river during rainy season. He said that as per approved scope of the project, 28.34 kms of embankment are to be constructed.

After channelizing the river, about 5000 hectares of fertile valley land would be reclaimed, he said.

Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal had pursued the case with the central government vigorously as a result of which the Planning Commission accorded investment clearance during October, 2008.

The minister said that Rs. 30 crore would be spent under this project during current financial year.

The project was being implemented with 90 percent central assistance and remaining would be paid by the state. “It was for the first time in the state that any such irrigation project had been sanctioned, said Ravinder Ravi.

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