Girl injured in Himachal as horse goes berserk

Shimla: It was a joy ride that went horribly wrong as the horse, two children were riding on The Ridge, went berserk throwing the child riders off and dragging one of them, a girl, for about 50 meters as the horseman failed to control the animal.

Several hundred tourists and others who were out on the Ridge for the evening, watched with horror as the horse drag the girl.

There were two children riding the horse when it got out of control, said Pankaj, a bystander. One child fell and was safely rescued and the other could not come off the stirrup easily and was dragged by the animal, he said.

The girl named Nishu was taken to a local clinic before she was rushed to IGMC hospital. “The girl is bleeding from the nose,” said a paramedic attending to the patient. Only after X-rays and other screening tests would the nature of injuries be known, he said.

Despite the Ridge being thronged by several hundred tourist and residents, municipal authorities do permit horse-riding for about a dozen horse owners on the crowded place.

Horse-riding was common during British times and there were several horse stands around the city but have been phased out over the years.

As a recreation activity for children and tourists as well as a long ride uphill to Jakoo hilltop has defied the times and is permitted for the horse owners who operate on The Ridge. However, safety remains a concern.

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