Miss Tibet 2009 begins in Dharamsala, Himachal

Miss Tibet PageantMcleodganj:  The first round of the Spice India Splendour Miss Tibet Pageant 2009 started with the swimsuit round.

A three-member jury adjudged the contestants on their figure, skin, posture and poise. The judges were — Neelima Kanwar, a lecturer at the Himachal Pradesh University; Ram Swaroop, former president of the Indo-Tibetan Friendship Association; and, Natasha Mendes, a belly dance instructor from Brazil.

Representatives from Spice and India Splendour — Dr. Bhishm Agnihotri (former Indian ambassador to the US) and Ms Vidya Chhabar (Manager Spice India) also attended the event.

Despite criticisms from some corners of conservative Tibetan society, the organizers of the pageant continue to keep the swimsuit round.

“If the Tibetan society needs to adapt with the culture and reality of present day world, it is most essential that such events are held. I will continue doing what I do,” said, Lobsang Wangyal, Director of Spice India Splendour Miss Tibet Pageant 2009.

Expressing how they felt after the first round, Ngawang Choying said, “I was a bit nervous while preparing for this round, but as I went through the preparation, I started to gain more and more confidence. I believe I have put my best effort and I hope that we all did a fine job.”

Tenzin Choezom expressed her feelings in these words, “I didn’t actually believe that I would be able to go through it, and yet my confidence grew once I was out there. I was proud to represent Tibetan women at this wonderful platform.”

“My initial nervousness was overwhelmed by the fact that I needed to put my best in this competition. I could have done better but I am happy that I was able to complete this round. I am looking forward to the next round,” said Yeshi Lhamo. “A lot of positive and Negative things are said about the swimsuit round in our community. I believe it’s a wonderful platform for a Tibetan women and I was proud to represent one. I am glad that I am a part of this pageant with a greater cause,” said Dolkar.

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  1. says: Rebeka

    A beauty pageant is the most archaic way in which to “empower” women. Mr. Wangyal is completely off track on this topic. I was a horrified witness to last years competition, where it was evident that he enjoys putting on this show so he can bask in the glow of fireworks and stage lights while he struts himself around on stage in hot pink satin suits!
    There a hundred other ways in which to truly empower women, putting them on a stage in costumes and swimsuits only continues the patriarchal objectification that modern women have been fighting against for the past 100 years. Beauty pageants are not a positive representation of modern liberated women. Period!

  2. says: Abhinav Vats

    Is there a beach next to Mc leod ganj?
    I agree with Rebeka.
    I think India and Tibet have many beautiful costumes to showcase the world,i am not against swimming costumes,but theres a reason and purose of wearing it.
    The place is surrounded by Buddhist and Hindu monks,its not right to have this round.
    The miss Tibet festival can focus on cultural diversity of women of Tibet,the fashion ramp rounds could consist of Traditional costumes,traditional inspired modern costumes and costumes which reflect Indian-Tibetan friendship and influence.
    It can focus on Tibetan women and girls from Dharamsala-who have done well in various fields,be it joining the Indian army,scientists,doctors,lecturers-these girls should be rewarded and appreciated here and besides the culture of the Indian sub-continent(Including Tibet and other wonderful countries)does not need to copy the western culture-their culture is beautiful in their way,ours is beautiful in ours.
    Why not concentrate on making our cultures more world recognized.The Miss Tibet contest can be a platform of other important issues focusing on Gilrs/women from Tibet and Dharamsala(India).For instance the attack on Female Buddhist monks in Tibet or the education of refugee girl child…all these issues can be one of the focus of this competition.
    The fashion show is not a bad idea,it is a good form of entertainment-but it could be made in to issue-focused, theme-based,cultural showcasing then women strutting in Bikinis in the sacred mountains of Himalaya,it seems it must be more then 50 degrees to be removing all the clothes.
    Abhinav Vats

    1. says: Avnish Katoch


      Excellent views! But in this crowded world every one is racing to get recognition and thus finding no matter what ways! However like in this case, people are forgetting World loves Tibetans for their peace loving nature and great Buddhist teachings, not for miss Tibet or swim suits, but then most of the time there are few who think other way!

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