CPI(M) seeks action against power company for environment damage in Himachal

Shimla: Communist Party of India (Marxists) has sought action against Jaiprakash Associates hydropower company executing the mega 1000 MW Karcham Wangtoo project in Kinnaur for having illegally extracted a herb from around the project site, leaving the mountainside exposed to soil erosion and landslides.

Tikender Panwar, CPI(M) member secretariat said, “more than 150 people employed with sub-contractors working with the hydroelectric company raided protected lands between Wangtoo and Roonag at night and took away several quintals of Khasachi (local name) herb.”

“In violation of environmental norms the entire Satluj basin, on both river banks, has been converted into a muck dumping site by the hydroelectric company and we suspect they have uprooted these shrubs to hide the violations taking place from authorities and environmentalists,” says Panwar.

Demanding action against the power company, CPI(M) has sought it being put under a ‘watch list’ for frequent violations of environmental laws taking place in the sensitive eco-zone.

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  1. says: G.L.PANWAR

    Yes i agree with you since some one has to blow a whistle for environmental issue otherwise we are heading toward envirnmental imbalances & the SUNAMI was the live exmple of this.

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