Undercurrent favours congress – Kidwai

Shimla: Congress today held that there was a strong undercurrent which favoured the party and it would form the next government but was not sure who the new set of allies could be.
Only the electoral result would throw up what the composition of the new government would be, said Mohsina Kidwai, congress general secretary who is incharge for the campaign in Himachal.

Speaking to the media she claimed that congress would not only emerge as the largest party in the poll but would increase it tally.
Counting terrorism and economic slowdown as grave challenges for the nation, she said that only a strong government at the centre headed by congress was capable of tackling these issues.
She said that impact of the global slowdown was lesser in India, primarily due to prime minister Manmohan Singh having steered the nation’s economy soundly and the agricultural based economy  having provided a sound cushion to absorb the major shock.
To keep communal forces at bay, no government without the congress could be formed, said Kidwai, dismissing either the third or any other front capable of cobbling numbers together to form a stable government.
Despite UPA allies having fought against each other in the elections, the congress general secretary said that the alliance has held as leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan were keen to be part of their government.

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