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My Himachal invite you all infact anyone to come up with their power of words. On many occasions your heart might have said something but you could not make it hear to other for no place to express. Thus, we decided to open our doors for your precious words or any other piece of art, which you want the world to see. Yes, you have ‘words’ and we have ‘space’, so collaboration of both can make a big difference to the society as well as its people.

My Himachal Blog is not like talking to the walls, your words will be read carefully even answered, debated, and appreciated by its readers.

There is no bar to truth as much bitter it is because we believe in the ‘Truth’. Ethnic slurs, personal insults and abuses, which hampers anyone’s dignity will be scrutinized otherwise we are open to all kinds of submissions by you, which can be articles, paintings, photographs, grievances, or any other art.

My Himachal Welcomes all those in search of free space to showcase their creativity and for established writers its a space to build Himachal’s very own quality media. We also look towards bestowing a token of respect to your work accordingly.

Kindly, contact us through email at following addresses:

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