Himachal Congress get net savvy, launches website

Shimla: Waking to internet campaigning, the congress party today launched a website, which state president Thakur Kaul Singh said would be used to disseminate timely information as well as for electioneering purposes.

Speaking on the occasion of launch of the site, Kaul Singh said that the party was going into the elections with a positive agenda. “All the credits which the Dhumal government is claiming are actually a part of what the UPA government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s has devolved for the state,” he said.

He counted establishing a central university and NIFT institute in Kangra, an IIT and an ESI Medical college in Mandi, approval of the Bhanpali-Bilaspur railway line, sanctioning new national highways, a mini steel plants among the many projects that the central government has handed out to the state.

The Bharat Nirman and NREGA programs were providing employment avenues at a time when the global meltdown was hitting many countries, he said.

He recalled the various scams that hit the Vajpayee led NDA government counting the coffin scam, defense deal scams, party president Bhangroo caught on camera with wads of cash and also termed the Kargil intrusion as a blot on the previous government in managing the country’s security.

In comparison, said Kaul Singh, the UPA government provided a scam free government, made a landmark Indo-US nuclear deal and above all the Manmohan Singh government has been able to relatively insulate the nation from the global meltdown that has shaken many economies.

Besides traditional modes of campaigning, the congress president said, the internet would also be used to counter the BJP’s propaganda.

Media incharge Mukesh Agnihotri and former speaker Gangu Ram Musafir were also present on the occasion.

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    Hi this is sunil dutt from una .i m a ceartive writter in a production house .i want to meet with Mr Veer Bhadra ji our respected chief minister of Himachal regarding election permotion.

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